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cu·rate  /'kyo͝oˌrāt/

To select, organize and present using professional or expert knowledge


Human Powered

There is a lot of great journalism out there; we help you find it! Inside delivers the world’s most important and fascinating stories, all selected and written by our team of news curators. Catch up on current events or discover new content.  

Concisely Written

Inside’s atomic unit of content — an ‘update’ —  is designed to save you time. Written by a curator, this 270-character summary provides the most crucial bits of information from a news story, including quotes, photos and the link to the most original source with the best reporting. 



Always Informed. Constantly Entertained.

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Be the First to Know

With 24/7 coverage, there is a new update published on Inside every couple of minutes. This guarantees you will never miss a breaking news event and will always be the first to know about the next viral story.


Only What Matters

Customize Inside to follow just the news you care about. Easily select and add topics to fill your feed with stories you want. 


Share Your Opinions

Share your thoughts by commenting and voting stories up or down. The updates with the most up-votes will move to the Top feed, making it easy for you to be informed on what the world is talking about. 


Introducing Topical Apps: Inside Drones

drones news app

Only News About Drones

The technology and the industry are moving fast. You’ll always be the first to know about the latest drones news with Inside Drones.


Top 10 Stories on Drones

We curate only the 10 most important and most fascinating news articles of the day. We take the time to keep up with the most recent updates so you don’t have to.


Have a Say in What Matters

Interact with other drone enthusiasts by staring and commenting on the stories you care about most. The stories with the most stars will rise to the top of the feed.

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Inside Video Games: The Latest Video Games News

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News, Videos and Podcasts

We publish new updates throughout the day about new video games, the industry, video games research and more. There is something for every level of gamer.


Suggest Gaming News for Coverage

Share stories you think should be in the top 10. We give each curator credit in the app, on the web and on social media.


You Determine Our Top Stories

By starring the news stories that are the most interesting and important to you, your votes decide which ones appear at the top of the news feed.

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Local News with Inside San Francisco

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Curated News of the Bay Area

We curate news, videos and podcasts about the City by the Bay and the surrounding area. Find local stories about San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Cupertino and more in the app.


Go Beyond Crime and Weather

Inside San Francisco is a local news app with heartwarming stories about SF citizens, business stories, policy stories as well as the normal local crime and weather news.


Be More than a Consumer of News

Inside is much more than reading curated content. You can be part of the news by curating stories that are important to you and by pushing the issues you care about to the top.

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Marijuana Legalization News with Inside Cannabis

cannabis news app

Curating Cannabis News

Much of the press surrounding cannabis is about legalization, but Inside Cannabis also features stories about marijuana research, the edibles market, synthetic marijuana and more.


Read Sources You Trust

The marijuana news app curates from mainstream news sources as well as niche source. Every source and story we feature is vetted for credibility and newsworthiness.


Suggest Stories to Feature

What’s the latest cannabis news in your area? Let us know by submitting the link to us for coverage! Help us highlight the most important and the most fascinating cannabis news stories.

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Health and Fitness Advice with Inside Health & Fitness


Current Health News

Health and fitness change quickly. Our app curates current health news to stay up-to-date without the misinformation.


Healthcare News, Mental Health, Health Research and More

Besides the usual workout routines and nutrition tips, Inside Health & Fitness is a comprehensive health news app covering many aspects of wellness.


Subscribe to Breaking Health & Fitness News

Sign in with Inside Health & Fitness to receive push notifications to get breaking health news stories on your phone as soon as we cover them!

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Science News Daily: Inside Science & Tech

science and tech news app

The Only App for the Science-Obsessed

Inside Science & Tech covers all sorts of scientific research and breakthroughs, from animals to society, from cancer to 3-D printing.


Current Science News on the Go

Get notifications for every science story we cover, or just the important ones! Set your preference in the app to be the first to know about the current science news stories.


Submit Science and Tech Stories

Our science news app allows users to submit stories they want to see in the app. If we select it, then the user gets credit in app and on social media for the story they submitted.

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Follow the 2016 Election with Inside 2016

2016 election news app

2016 Election News Without the Mudslinging Political Ads

Inside 2016 is one of the most comprehensive politics news apps out there. We curate the best and most important stories about the candidates, Congress, the president and more.


Get News on Each of the 2016 Presidential Candidates

There are more than 20 people running for president as of this writing. Inside 2016 makes it easy to keep up with all of them, not just the ones popular with the press.


Determine the Top Election 2016 Stories

Our users rank the stories in the feed by starring their favorites. The one with the most stars and comments appear at the top of the feed.

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