We have received a tremendous amount of feedback since we launched last week — thank you! Most of what we’ve heard has been about new features requests and ways we can make Inside even better. Well, fellow news junkies, here are the most common comments and how we are tackling them:

“No seriously, where is the search bar?”
Fear not, it’s in the works for the 1.0.2 update, which we are aiming to release the week of February 17. In their in-depth reviews Nieman Lab’s Staci D. Kramer and MediaBistro’s Angela Washeck, as well as @royr and @jp_skier noted that there’s no search box for Topics. For now, here is the hack to quickly find and follow your favorite topics: log in to the mobile web version by going to www.inside.com/all. Then insert the topic of choice after inside.com (e.g. inside.com/sundance). With over 2,000 topics in our system, there’s a good chance we already have the topic you’re looking for. From there you can follow the topic. 

“I’ve thumbed down the updates, but those crime stories are still showing up in /Myfeed!”
Our voting system is not where it needs to be; this has been echoed by @billbarol on Twitter, as well as zeroin123 on the App store. We are redoing the whole algorithm and the voting/thumbing process. For now, /Myfeed will show you just the topics you are following. You can do that two ways: manually follow a topic or be automatically subscribed after thumbing two updates in that topic (and to see what topics you’re following, head over to your /Profile). Just forget about thumbing down for now. Stay tuned for updates! 

“Two taps? That’s just ‘thumb’!” 
Speaking of thumbs, @tomwilliams on Twitter said “Other thing I don't like is that I have to tap twice to ‘unlike’.” As part of our overhaul of the voting/thumb system, you will also no longer need to tap-tap the thumb in order to down vote an update. There will be two thumbs in our next design: one up and one down. 

“What am I looking at? Better images please.”
@rutvikdave from Twitter and bpat31 from the App store both highlighted the pixelated images and some seemingly random cropping. Like Google News and others, we show thumbnails of the images from the sources we link to, and to ensure we’re not taking too much of it, we automatically crop just a portion of the image. This can lead to some poor quality images on Inside, but you can always see the full version by following the link to the original source.

“Just let me log in already.” 
We have received a couple of emails about login issues. @senthils1988 even shared the screenshot on Twitter of an issue he is encountering when trying to login. Our 1.0.2 release will simplify the process and clean-up the login screen so it’s foolproof. 

As for last week’s bug report, the team has been diligently working on getting them squashed. Speed and stability is our number one priority; you probably have already experienced the vast improvements and it will only get better after our 1.0.1 iOS app hits the App Store later this week. Our Android version is still in the works and will be available in spring. 

You can leave us a comment at www.inside.com/inside, tweet us @inside, or send us an email at feedback@inside.com.  

The [ INSIDE ] team

AuthorAllison Mac