We are excited to announce Inside 2.0 today. We’ve learned a tremendous amount from tens of thousands of readers who engaged with the product during our first four months. The top three requests we heard over and over again were Android, email and phone notifications.

Today we’ve launched all three!

Here are the details:

Our Android version is now available in the Google Play. It features everything our iOS and Blackberry users have come to love: 24-hour coverage of breaking news, concise summaries of only the highest quality content in the world, swiping on updates to go deeper into a topic and, of course, lightening fast performance.

Today we are also launching the most sophisticated notification system in any news app. When you follow a topic you will now have three options on how to consume that information: My Feed, phone notifications and email.

Push Notifications
You can now receive push notifications for all of the updates in a topic, or only the ones our Curators have marked as "important" for that topic. Let’s say you follow and elect to get only “important” updates; this means, you will receive about 10-15 percent of our Bitcoin updates. We added this feature because phone notifications can be wildly compelling or infuriatingly annoying depending on your level of love for the topic.

Here’s how this might work: if we had two Bitcoin stories today including a) a street fair in New York City started accepting bitcoins and b) China banned all banks from accepting Bitcoin transactions, you would get both stories if you select “all updates" and only one if you selected "important" (i.e. China banning them, clearly a stunning development).

During testing, beta users loved this feature!

Email Notifications
In additions to phone alerts, we are also launching email updates, which can be set to instant, daily, weekly or monthly (or none). 

If you were a casual fan of Star Wars you could get a monthly update on JJ Abrams highly-anticipated Episode VII. If you were a serious fan you might elect to get weekly or daily updates for Star Wars updates. 

As a truly obsessed fan you can go nuclear and get instant alerts every time we curate a story about Star Wars (1-3x a day). 

Refined Design 
We listened to Insiders and added some simple design enhancements including an on-boarding walkthrough, improved topic navigation and clear voting feature (arrows up and down as opposed to thumbs up and down). 

Give it a try! We would love to hear what you think. You can email us at or tweet @inside

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AuthorAllison Mac